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What to look forward to in Blackberry 10

It is quite hard to choose the perfect mobile phone but with the Blackberry 10 there will be no second guessing! Here are the things you can expect from this phone:

1. Great Platform

You’d be amazed at how great and smooth the platform of this mobile phone is. It’s just greater compared to older Blackberry models. It has a cool animation when unlocking and the transition is just superb from one application to another.

2. Great For Messaging

It is still the best OS for messaging. You can sync in a number of email accounts which is best for both personal and business use. One cool feature of the usual BlackBerry is the fact that it can actually rely on contextual clues you’ve written for previous messages. So, it can actually correctly predict your messages. Hence, it’s going to be a mighty fine device to get connected.

3. Better Web Browsing

If you think that your Blackberry is a great web browsing device, well, this version is definitely better. Its performance is rather consistent compared to the older model and the screen is just fluid when surfing.

4. It Just Stands Out

This is the phone that can definitely stand out in a crowd. It actually is very different from both the iOS and Android. It will somehow feel familiar to both but will feel very different in usage. The integration of the different gestures one can use, the active frames, and just the general flow of the application will definitely be a better alternative.

5. Attracts Developers

One thing about RIM in the past is that there are a limited number of developers out there. But with the new Blackberry 10, a new breed of developers is about to come your way. RIM actually aimed to attract developers by offering at least £90 for every application that will be accepted for the Blackberry 10.

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