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SIM Only A New Choice

Mobile consumers are looking for an alternative to PAYG or mobile contracts. A convenient contract has been conceived which offers a very simple contract of either 12 months of 30 days depending on the level of commitment they want to go for. Mobile networks have introduced SIM only deals making them much more affordable and versatile for mobile users needs. This type of deal offers less headache as users can switch networks and change the tariff they need to without committing to a long deal of 24 months, which if ended early would require them to pay a penalty fee.

Short Contracts and Greater Choice

Many consumers admire the freedom this opportunity brings, students, parents and travellers can all enjoy the less commitment and more freedom. If mobile users need to change operators after 30 days they can do so by giving their notice. They can then change to a more favoured operator at either lower cost or one that provides a better service.

Only a SIM Card Issued

These types of deals are straightforward and easy to understand compared too many of the other types of contracts. Some rely on cash back schemes where contract users have to send their bills every month to the retailer to get a reduced bill. With SIM only a SIM card is issued which is activated and services started. Once the SIM is activated individuals are agreeing to the terms of the service.

Cheaper Contract Option

Mobile numbers can also be transferred from their previous network too if required. They can use their current SIM free mobile phone with the benefits of keeping the contacts and data without having to transfer them over to a new phone. With contracts starting from £7 from Orange mobile having a mobile phone with contract is easily accessible for most consumers. This type of contract allows for multiple contracts one for business and one for friends.

SIM Only Advantages

SIM only offers a few advantages which can help consumers by not committing to a long contract. This type of deal comprises of the network sending them a SIM card. They do not have to be charged for a mobile phone as the deal does not come with one. As no phone is included the network operator offers cheap line rental and choice of tariff that will suit requirement of the user. Additionally these contracts are either with one month commitment or 12 months, which offers more incentive and lower cost per month over the duration of the contract. Blackberry users can also switch to Blackberry SIM only deals with options for Blackberry email to be included available from once their contract has ended.

SIM Only Disadvantages

There are few disadvantages too. Many of the latest handsets are too expensive to purchase SIM free with costs upwards of £400. With mobile contract these expensive handsets are subsidised by the operator over 24 month’s contracts. With SIM only users are not able get the latest phones included with the deal. If the handset is locked mobile users will need to go through the hassle of getting the mobile unlocked either through the original vendor or by getting an unlocked code from other sources. This will then allow individuals to take up the various operator deals available.

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