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Blackberry is really trying to catch up to the latest smartphones available in the market.  With the Blackberry Z10 they are certainly getting there with some slick software and hardware that matches the best.  This is Blackberry trying to gain back market share which they have lost recently.


The hardware includes a removal back where you can replace the 1800 mAH battery.  It is made from a rubber material which is nice to hold and touch, the inside of the back panel includes an NFC radio.

On using it feels zippy and as it comes with a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor and with 2Gb of ram.  The internal storage can also be increased through a microSD card.  The hardware includes LTE the next generation of mobile technology.

For voice calls a voice cancellation microphone is included on the top of the handset.  There is volume rocker on the side and a middle button for mute and voice command control.

The display is slightly larger than the iPhone 5 at 4.2 inches with a resolution of 1280×768 with a PPI of 356.  This gives it sharp crisp look although the display is not a bright as the iPhone 5.  The size of the handset does not feel too large and will easily fit into a trouser pocket, you can also use the phone one handed for most operations.


Blackberry includes no home button you will need to swipe up to activate the phone from sleep or to go the home screen.  Blackberry peak allows you to swipe up and to the right to peak into your emails.  The Blackberry hub is a unified email box so you can see all your email in one place.

The virtual keyboard includes new ways to select words compared to other smartphones, it includes a feature where the suggested word appears in the keyboard and by swiping up you can use that word.

Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin apps are included.  The Z10 does not have as much apps as Andriod or iOS but the list is growing.  Observers have noted that many of the apps are not that good as as they from the blackberry playbook store which is not optimised for the Z10.  Android apps can also be run but this is in emulation which in not as good as has some flaws.

If you are purchasing SIM free you will no longer also need to buy BBM add-on for Z10 with Blackberry Z10 SIM only.


The Z10 Includes a new feature called time shift, which allows you to pick the perfect picture.  Time shift feature gives you the ability to go back in time to remove awkward looks or blinks on a person in the picture.  There are two cameras including with the Z10.  The camera is 8 megapixels and the front facing one is 2 Megapixels.  The rear facing camera can also take HD photos up to 3264 x 2448 and record at 30 fps.


The Z10 is not as bright as some phones including the iPhone.  You may also find the battery can run out if you use it intensively during the day.  The new handset has done away with the keyboard which many will miss.  Also not many polished apps which have been developed for this new phone.

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