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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review

The Bold 9900 is Blackberry’s utmost cracker to date. Considered to be the most superior of all the BB Bold series, the Bold 9900 does not account less in terms of showing off. The hardware prowess of the product is the upgraded version of the Blackberry Bold 9780 edition. With well too many points to ponder on, the newest Blackberry, is surefire better and bolder.

Talk about Hardware

This may be a bigger version of the previous ones hoisting a 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm size and weighs 130 g, the Bold 9900 is a must-have for every mobile geek’s firm grip. A real turn-on is its keyboard dynamics that give out a soft feel, thus making typing faster and easier. Talking about the first Bold product having a touch screen platform with a 2.8-inch display screen, boasting 640 x 480 pixel resolution, it does give a new viewing feel as compared to the past editions. The optical track pad, proximity sensor for auto turn-off, and accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate are welcome additions for easy access and navigations throughout the display dashboard. Carrying out liquid graphics that does not brick out through sudden or repetitive taps and swipe can be a real accolade for this product. Most of the Blackberry products incorporate LED notification light, the Bold 9900 follows the same lighting norm but brighter and more solid in this case.

In terms of memory carrying capacity, Bold 9900 has an 8GB internal storage enough for one’s mobile information threshold. Just like the older Blackberrys, users can also use micro SD cards that will spur up the phones memory capacity. However, there might be some problem with power usage as the phone’s battery has been downsized. Other than that, given that the handset has enough internal storage there are still a limited number of applications for every user’s disposal.

What about the software?

Blackberry 7 is still following the same norm as with the old editions with a little aesthetic fixture in terms of color schemes and design templates. The capacity of Blackberry 7 for universal searching is still part of the processing lineup enough for web browsing and other online requirements. Managing connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile network) is now just a one touch access spree that makes it very simple and quite accessible. The messaging apps gives additional value that is inclined towards catering the business nature. Furthermore, BB Bold 9900 comes with RIM’s instant native messaging clients (Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and GTalk) that will carry out an optimum communication experience.

Blackberry Bold 9900 can very well keep at pace with the competition and is sure to lead the way for the Blackberry market drive. Packed with an upgraded touch screen capacity, maximized QWERTY keyboard essential, this is by far the best Blackberry version produced. An optimized communication favourite, social media linkages and a trusty business tool, the Bold 9900 is about to keep the phone industry moving.

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