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Blackberry 9320 Review

Blackberry is currently one of the top brands that produces Smartphones. Every time it releases a new model of mobile phone, it immediately gets major publicity that makes enthusiasts really hyped up. So, when this phone finally hit the market, people crowded immediately to get their hands on this. But is it really worth all the hype?

Let us answer this question by looking at its specs and how users have rated it:


This device belongs in the Smartphone category. It is packed with Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G capabilities, which will let you access your network and connect online conveniently. It uses the Blackerry 7.1 operating system that enhances its functionality as compared to its predecessors. Then, you will find its QWERTY keypad quite useful especially when typing long text messages or lengthy emails. As opposed to the virtual keyboard that requires you to look at it carefully every time you are typing, a QWERTY keyboard can be very advantageous for touch typists.

Another advantage that pleases many users is its strong ability to get signal from networks. It also provides a good display through its 2.44-inch display. Then, taking pictures and videos is fun with this device too because of its 3.15 megapix camera. Lastly, it can be conveniently carried around because it only weighs around 103 grams. Users have praised its long battery life as well because it can go on for a long time without draining easily.


It does not have touchscreen features. So that means you will have to navigate your way through multiple windows and apps by using only its tracking button. Some also complain with its display because some items appear too small for the eye.

Overall Rating

Based on user reviews, the Blackberry 9320 garnered a rating of 2.5 out of 5. This means that, somehow, it can still deliver user satisfaction even if new models and better products from competitors are already available. Overall, this is recommended for people who are looking for an old school phone that can run advanced apps.

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