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Vodafone Std 9 12M

Vodafone standard tariff, 250 MB, Unlimited Texts and 300 Minutes

250 MB
per month
O2 500 12M

500 minutes ideal for regular users with 500MB data.

500 MB
per month
O2 250 12M

250 minutes and unlimited texts on the cheapest 02 SIM only deal and 250MB internet

250 MB
per month
Three 200 12M

Best selling plan for average usage includes 200 minutes, texts and 500 MB of data.  Add £5 for Blackberry services.

500 MB
per month

Blackberry SIM only deals

At, our mission is helping you find the best Blackberry SIM only deals. You can compare from UK networks that offer SIM only with Blackberry Mail or if you are just looking for a standard tariff for your Blackberry handset without BIS.

What is SIM-only?

SIM only is a fantastic opportunity to save on your mobile bills. These plans do not include a handset so are remarkably cheaper to run. If you own a Blackberry phone or have a pay as you go Blackberry handset there is now an incentive for you not to be tied down to a 24-months contract.

Choose from 30-day deals, which are by the way, rolling contracts where you need to give just 30 days notice to cancel. This gives you the flexibility to cancel or change network operators. SIM only tariffs come with free cross network minutes, free SMS texts and internet on some pay monthly plans.

Blackberry BIS requirements

Blackberry users have a special requirement when it comes to mobile tariffs. For Blackberry users to use the Blackberry messaging, email and internet, Blackberry Internet Service or BIS needs to come provided by the network with the plan. Many networks including Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile and Orange have dedicated plans for Blackberry. Also with the other operators, you can add this service for an additional five pound per month

Finding the Best Pay Monthly Plans

When looking for the best Blackberry SIM deals you should consider coverage as the main factor in deciding which plan that you should go for.

If you already have been with a particular network on contract and are satisfied, then there should be no problem selecting the best minutes, texts and data you need. If you happen to have found the best SIM only deal at but are uncertain if you will get the best service. Our recommendation would be to apply for a one month contract. The beauty is that these are not long term agreements and by giving your months notice, you can change to a different provider which gives you much better coverage.

UK Networks

Currently in the UK there are many providers to choose from, we have all the prominent networks that we compare and present the best deals for you here. Should you find that the provider offers you great customer support and a reliable network for making calls and connecting online. You can change to a 12 months plan, which gives you greater benefits at a cheaper cost. Also, look out for some of the incentives, which is offered on 12 months deals from reduced line rentals, too gifts and shopping vouchers.
Vodafone were one of the first mobile operators and have one the largest UK network. They offer many types of contracts for business and personal users. They cater for all types of phones and have specific Vodafone Blackberry SIM only deals. If you already have a handset and are not looking to renew SIM only is viable cost effective solution.
O2 tariffs although not the cheapest do offer wide network coverage together with many options for you to make the right plan. O2 also offer many promotional offers including shopping vouchers and one off reductions with O2 Blackberry SIM only deals. By choosing the 12 months plans deals are cheaper by £5 and they also offer more minutes and texts for longer agreements. As an O2 customer you can get the benefits of O2 Priority, giving you automatic exclusive access to tickets to see events.

Why choose 30-day plans?

Here are a few reasons you may choose to go for a monthly contract.

1. Try a new provider and check their network coverage
2. Looking for a short contract before travelling or in you are visiting the UK
3. If you are currently out of contract but need a tariff until the latest handset is released
4. Don't want to be tied to a year on phone contract

Cost benefits of SIM only

If you are looking to budget and save on your bills every month, you can choose SIM only as your next step. You can easily knock off between ten to twenty pounds every month if you already have a Blackberry mobile. The cost saving is even greater on the 12 months contract as the deals tend to be cheaper by five pounds. At a time when everyone is looking to save on his or her outgoings, this can be easily achievable with SIM contract. By finding the right plan and by assessing your past usage, you can optimise your mobile tariff requirements without paying too much every month. If you have decided against a SIM only but would like to choose Blackberry mobile deals, we also have the best Blackberry contracts from thousands of deals to choose from.


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